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Sleeping Beauties Audiobook


Written By: Owen King, Stephen King
Narrated By: Marin Ireland
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Date: September 2017
Duration: 25 hours 21 minutes

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In April 2017, Deadline Hollywood reported that Anonymous Content had purchased the television rights to the novel. In April 2019, AMC made a commitment to a pilot script by Owen King for an open-ended television series.

In July 2019, Deadline Hollywood further reported that IDW Publishing would be releasing a 10-part comic book adaptation of the novel created by novelist Rio Youers and artist Alison Sampson. The series is scheduled for an early-2020 release.

Sleeping Beauties Audiobook Summary

In this spectacular New York Times bestselling father/son collaboration that “barrels along like a freight train” (Publishers Weekly), Stephen King and Owen King tell the highest of high-stakes stories: what might happen if women disappeared from the world of men?

In a future so real and near it might be now, something happens when women go to sleep: they become shrouded in a cocoon-like gauze. If they are awakened, if the gauze wrapping their bodies is disturbed or violated, the women become feral and spectacularly violent. And while they sleep they go to another place, a better place, where harmony prevails and conflict is rare. One woman, the mysterious “Eve Black,” is immune to the blessing or curse of the sleeping disease. Is Eve a medical anomaly to be studied? Or is she a demon who must be slain?

Abandoned, left to their increasingly primal urges, the men divide into warring factions, some wanted to kill Eve, some to save her. Others exploit the chaos to wreak their own vengeance on new enemies. All turn to violence in a suddenly all-male world. Set in a small Appalachian town whose primary employer is a woman’s prison, Sleeping Beauties is a wildly provocative, gloriously dramatic father-son collaboration that feels particularly urgent and relevant today.

Sleeping Beauties is a novel by Stephen King and his son Owen King, released on September 26, 2017. The book was first mentioned during a promotional appearance on the CBC radio program q. Of the novel, Stephen King stated, “Owen brought me this dynamite idea and I’ve collaborated a couple of times with Joe. I’m not going to say what the idea is because it’s too good.”

The novel was officially announced in June 2016 and is said to take place in a women’s prison in West Virginia during a strange mystical occurrence that causes all the women in the world to fall asleep. An excerpt was published on September 1, 2017 by Entertainment Weekly in their special The Ultimate Guide to Stephen King issue.

Sleeping Beauties Audiobook Reviews

This book takes place in southern WV, primarily in the fictional county of Dooling and the Dooling Women’s Correctional Prison. And while the Mr.s King sometimes use literary over emphasis on the dialect, they don’t make our people seem stupid. It’s very on point with our troubles with the alcohol/opioid addiction problems and the wide range of personalities (some not pleasant) but I appreciate that they did that…it doesn’t patronize our population.
The story itself is very good and, of course, well written. The book explores the notion that one day, all females start to fall asleep. They become encased in a web-like cocoon and while their body is in stasis of perfect vital signs, their minds travel to a different place…more peaceful and happy. If the cocoon is removed, the women become enraged, feral killers until the web regrows and seals, returning them to their sleep. The ensuing panic of the females and the dismay of the males highlights the best and worst in humanity. What will the men do when there are no more women? How do women try to avoid the inevitable? What happens when the men watch their wives, moms and daughters succumb to the sickness? And what about Eve Black, the strange woman who shows up that doesn’t fall victim to the strange cocoon?
This book is like all good books should be; riding a roller coaster. The beginning chapters are like the anticipation of going slowly up that first hill. You get the introduction and background of the extensive amount of people necessary to the story. You get invested in their lives and then before you know it, you’re staring down from the precipice just waiting for the air to be taken from your lungs. The twists and turns of the story is classic Stephen King and it seems he passed his writing style and ability to his son.
I will say this, if you are a conservative republican who supports Trump 100%, you may have issue with a few barbs placed in the book; although, if you are a Trump supporter, you probably wouldn’t buy a King book anyway, seeing how King makes it widely known he dislikes 45. But if you can roll with the punches and enjoy the story telling, you’ll like this book too.
All in all, I really enjoyed this book. I haven’t read a King novel in a long while as I got out of the genre and into more sci-fi/romance/time travel type books. I do recommend you pick it up if you get the chance. It’s a thick book! So unless you are retired like me or just let the chores go (also like me) to read, it’ll take a bit to get it done.

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The review aggregator website Book Marks reported that 31% of critics gave the book a “rave” review, whilst 23% and 31% of the critics expressed “positive” or “mixed” impressions, respectively. Another 15% of the critics “panned” the book, based on a sample of 13 reviews.

The reviews for the novel are mostly positive; for example, The Guardian reviews said “… epic, colourful story of global pandemic, and shows a youthful vigour not seen in years.”

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