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Morning Mind Audiobook


Written By: Robert Carter Iii, Kirti Salwe Carter
Narrated By: Wayne Campbell
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Date: January 2019
Duration: 5 hours 49 minutes

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“The Morning Mind is a winner! The authors, married doctors Robert and Kirti Carter, combine practical, body-based practices for increased well-being and creativity in fresh, interesting language. Do yourself a favor and read this book.”
— Gay Hendricks, PhD, bestselling author of The Big Leap

Morning Mind Audiobook Summary

Unleash positive thinking and productive imagination, and flip negative thoughts and behaviors into a lifetime to improve every aspect of your life—each morning, one day at a time.

Bad habits. Bad feelings. Bad mornings that turn into regrettable days.

Banish them all with simple brain hacks that flip negative thoughts and behaviors into positive, productive ones. Instead of dragging through your day, learn to wake up refreshed, recharge regularly, and live better than ever.

The Morning Mind makes it easy. Based on findings from neuroscience and medicine, the book helps you tamp down on the fear-driven reptile brain and tap into the part linked to thinking and imagination.

With topics ranging from diet and hydration to exercise and meditation, you’ll find ideas for activating your brain—and improving every aspect of your life:

  • Restore healthy cycles of waking and sleeping
  • Block harmful cortisol hormones
  • Boost mental performance
  • Create calmer mornings
  • Develop self-discipline
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • And more.

From the moment the alarm clock rings, The Morning Mind helps you greet each day with gusto.

Being part of corporate America for several years, I’ve concluded that daily success starts with a productive morning. This book has helped me understand how our emotions affect our behavior and interaction with others. It is loaded with science backed tips and tools for more energy. This book is for anyone interested in having a more productive life. I recommended it to my family and friends.

Morning Mind Audiobook Reviews

From a physiological perspective our brains are functionally similar. We all share structurally similar neural synapses. Yet, at a granular level how these synapses communicate differs; the emotional triggers and the responses differ. It’s this neuroplasticity that brings difference and diversity to our lives.

Owing to this very concept of neuroplasticity the book morning mind talks about how we can mold, condition and enhance our brains and lives.
There are three sections in the book:
The first section talks about our own internal clock. A few interesting easy to read physiological details on our circadian rhythm, how we tend to inadvertently abuse this rhythm and few helpful tips on what we can do to make the most of this precious tool inside us that can actually help to bring out the best in us, if given a chance.
The second section is all about the beginning of our day and the importance of slowing down in the mornings. Again, going back to the neuroplasticity of our brains, we can actually condition our brains against the phenomenon of morning rush and teach ourselves to slow down and breathe. It takes effort, but as the authors point out having small short term achievable goals will helps us to get there eventually. The key is to nudge ourselves to take that first step and keep going.
The third section tries to bring it all together and gives tips on how we can continue to find a routine that works for us and hold on to it.

My favorite parts of the book –
Repetition and routines are important and as the routine becomes mundane, we will eventually realize the self-discipline aspect of the routine seems like a serendipitous effortless outcome.
There is a section on the neuroscience of being a chef. Most chefs are required to focus, pay attention to details, multitask and remain calm. It’s interesting to read how they condition their thought process to go about doing these tasks.
There is a list of successful people and how they start out their days. My favorite (both the person and his routine) Ludwig van Beethoven woke up at dawn and drank a strong cup of coffee made from 60 beans that he handpicked!
Finally, there is a reference section for all scientific studies /statements discussed in the book.

Making a change in our routine is an individual choice. No book or method can magically make that happen for us. They can motivate us and nudge us to take the first step, the rest lies in the conditioning of our own unique neuroplasticity.

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Lots of effective approaches offered that lend themselves to success to start the day. Not only are they presented, but the writers do an excellent job of explaining why they can be effective. I would recommend this book as a reference to anyone who seeks to explore ways to inject a positive start to the morning to influence a more productive day overall.

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