Battlefield of the Mind Audiobook

By | September 17, 2020

Battlefield of the Mind Audiobook


Written By: Joyce Meyer
Narrated By: Joyce Meyer
Publisher: Joyce Meyer Ministries
Date: June 2006
Duration: 3 hours 39 minutes

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Battlefield of the Mind Audiobook Summary

Worry. Confusion. Anger. Depression. If any of these are a constant companion in your life, there’s a battle going on in your mind. You’re not alone, though, and the war isn’t lost! God wants to fight this for you.

Battlefield of the Mind Audiobook Reviews

I don’t know where to start, other than to say to GOD be the GLORY!!! IF your wondering if you should buy this book-DO IT!!! If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, fear, doubt, self pity, jealousy and anything in between please READ THIS!!! I was delivered from all of these areas reading this book!!! So much so I’m going to read it again!!! Talking about having your eyes of understanding opened!!! Don’t wait until you’re done reading the book to study, and put the principles into practice- start immediately!!! Take notes and GO BACK and use them!!! Truly God used Joyce Myers when she wrote this book. It was through reading this that 1) I finally repented for something I had done 11 months ago 2) came to an understanding of my depression- what it is, where it comes from and how to fight it and last but not least 3) I received a revelation to a question that I’ve been asking God for 4 years!!! While reading this book God showed me the answer to every question and also revealed it was only supposed to be a 4 month process!!! But because of my disobedience, complaining and passiveness, it took me 48 months to be delivered from something that was supposed to only take 4 months…But to GOD be the GLORY!!! My fire has been rekindled and I can’t wait to tell the world about it..

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